Course CM1: £800.00
Length of this course: Five days
This course introduces you to the most important aspects of art where you will be working with sugar and isomalt.

Whilst participating on this course, you will cover all aspects of sugar pulling and blowing.
This begins with acquiring the primary technique of boiling and pulling the sugar.

During the five days, you will learn to make various items, this includes:
-A pulled sugar ribbon
-A woven basket
-Blown sugar swans

Whilst learning to do so, the techniques of rock sugar and bubble sugar will be demonstrated along with the explanation of poured sugar.

Ultimately, you will create a figurine incorporating all the skills you have acquired during the 5 days.

Course CM2: £400.00
This course is based on the five day CM1 class, which is designed for students with limited time available who are unable to attend the full five days of the CM1 course.

Isomalt and sugar will also be used on this class, where you will learn to pull flowers and ribbons and blow doves and a swan, however this may vary with fish and star fish being covered instead- Whilst doing this, the preparation of the isomalt and bubble sugar will be covered.

Course CM3:
For one to one tuition- £1,250
For two students- £800 per person
Length of this course- Five days
The dates of these classes can be booked to suit both parties.

Throughout the year, we are able to offer private courses to individuals which are tailored to suit their particular requirements.

CM4: (DEMONSTRATION) £35 per person
Length of demonstration: Two hours approx.
Minimum booking: 10 people
Dates and Starting times will be at the convenience of the group booking and myself.

During this demonstration, various subjects will be covered such as most of the basics- particular subjects can be requested.

Please note - all the Isomalt will be pre-prepared on the themed class, if you need to learn the preparation of the Isomalt you should attend the one day Beginners class.

A menu of sugar decorations is available covering celebration, sporting and seasonal subjects.
Bespoke decorations can be undertaken on request.

All booking must be confirmed in writing. Payment in full should be forwarded on confirmation of booking.


Course: CM1, CM3
Five day course
Monday –Thursday 9am – 5pm approx
Friday 9am – 1pm

CM2- Two day course- Wednesday and Thursday 9am-5pm.

DATES 2017:

October- 30/10/17- 03/11/17
November- 20/11/17- 24/11/17
December- 04/12/17- 08/12/17

October- 18/10/17- 19/10/17
November- 08/11/17-09/11/17
December- 13/12/17-14/12/17


We have limited accommodation at The Old Hill Inn with just two guest rooms available of which are both en-suite.

-The cost for single occupancy including bed and breakfast is £60 per night.
-The cost for double occupancy including bed and breakfast is £70 per night.
Please note, these tariffs are available to sugar students only.

If we are unable to provide accommodation due to being fully booked, there is a bed and breakfast in Chapel-le-Dale which is within walking distance of The Hill Inn: Croft Gate bed and breakfast, Chapel-le-Dale. LA6 3JG. Tel: 015242 42664

Ingleton also offers a variety of accommodation options at very reasonable tariffs to suit all budgets, for more information please visit

A light lunch will be available to students which is included in the course fee.

There are a variety of good eating establishments within a ten mile radius of the school. The Hill Inn offers a wide range of dishes to suit most needs if you wish to eat in house.

If you would like more information then please email Colin at: OR call on 01524241256